Hedda Gabler.

NTLive Ivo Van Hove production of Hedda Gabler. 

There were some good theatrical touches such as the stage layout in general, including the blinds/prison bars, the sofa/bedroom arrangements, the fireplace and so on ... but a highlight was the proficient use of a staple gun on stage!  We all appreciated the good performance of Ruth Watson as Hedda, but were divided on the use of Joni Mitchell and Blue, as well as (the direction of?) Rafe Spall playing Judge Brack as rather too melodramatic.  We thought that Thea Elvsted got over the death of her lover Eilert Lovborg rather too quickly, and the Maid's role, as played, was a bit of a mystery - she was there, but not there. 

We all enjoyed the play and thought that this was worthy of its 4 Star Reviews.