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Frequency/Day/Time 2nd Thursday, 10.30am to 12.30pm
Venue Felixstowe
Vacancies Yes
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Ladies, Gents: Get away from the humdrum and savour escapism through learning. If you enjoy sharing your own enthusiasm for topics that engage your sense of curiosity, as well as sharing in the pleasure that others take in discussing their own pet subjects, then do try this group. 

Members of the group (maximum size is twelve members) take turns to present on their chosen topic - typically once per year - in an informal setting.


Chosen topics cover as eclectic a range of subject areas as the tastes of the group members themselves and can encompass music, literature, language, history, geography, science, faith/philosophy - not to mention an “-ology” or two. Recent talks have included: madrigals, “Brave New World”, the National Garden scheme, English word origins, the Ottoman Empire, Madagascar, the measurement of time, a history of fabrics, Islam (and many more besides).

Draft programme of talks for 2024:-  Three nuns * Queen Géraldine * Post WWII Israel * Mary Alice Berner * Cosmology for the curious * A Nazi love story * Music and the brain * The history of the Jews. 
On 13 June we are having a debate on the reintroduction of National Service and we are promoting this as a special 'taster' session for anyone interested in joining the group.


Come along and try our group (and learn where its enigmatic title comes from). You’ll leave enriched and enthused.