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Some of the information on this website is visible to any visitor. However, if you are a member of U3A in East Suffolk, it is advisable to login as this will make much more information visible to you. 

 Login details 

The Login Form appears below the Main Menu on every web page.

Members of U3A:

By logging in, you will be able to see more news and more articles than if you are not a member.

Registered users:

Registered users are those who are involved in running the web site or in managing the content, writing articles and so forth. You should be able to see more menus than you would if you logged in as a member — and also be able to add or edit some of the content.


If you keep the website open and unused for a long time, you may be logged out automatically, and will then need to login again. If you find you cannot access the members' pages, check the Login Form to see if you have been logged out (the Username and Password fields will be blank). Simply follow the procedures above to login again.


 Other help 

For further information, contact details and help on various matters, see our Contacts and Help webpage.