Twelfth Night. 
This is a Shakespeare play that many of us had seen before, although this production was a bit different in several respects.  We mostly thought it was well produced, amusing and well thought out. 

Unusually (but not unexpectedly these days) the fluidity of gender took a further step forward from what Shakespeare probably had in mind.  Along with the standard of the young female disguised as a male (which especially in the early 1600s allowed more freedom of action for the character in the plot) there was the female, and lesbian, Malvolia, played excellently by Tamsin Greig. 

Viola/Cesario and Sebastian, although alike in skin colour, were not really similar enough for the audience to believe that Orsino and Olivia would have actually mistaken them for one another, however, as the whole play is a farce maybe that didn't matter.  These parts were competently played.  A negative maybe was that there wasn't really enough emotional interplay between Olivia and Viola.  Perhaps better performances were those of Sir Toby Belch and Maria.  The former's drunken appearances, the latter's mischievous practical joking at the expense of the pompous Malvolia, and their romantic interplay were well acted.  Also, Sir Andrew's almost gymnastic movements around stage added to the farce. 

We felt that the singing and music were a good additional dimension, which we didn't remember from previous performances.  A major point of note was the mechanical engineering of the scenery to create the backdrop too the spectacle we saw.  Wikisomething tells me this should be called "scenography".  Sections of the scenery opening and closing and the whole lot revolving - such imagination in design and craft in realisation/actualisation.  It was marvellous. 

From our discussion I am not sure that the 5 stars of the Radio Times is warranted, but I think the general consensus was that this was a good 4 star production.